bang Bang
Hrithik Roshan in Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan's Bang Bang is facing the heat for being a rip-off of Hollywood film Knight and Day, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

But Hollywood's famous stunt director, Andy Armstrong prefers the Bollywood version.

Armstrong in an interview with Bollywood life said that Hrithik's action scenes are better than Tom Cruise's stunts in Knight and Day.

He said, "Well obviously I am a little biased because I did not do Knight and Day but in my opinion, Hrithik's action is far greater, cooler and better done than Tom Cruise's action in Knight and Day."

When asked if Hrithik is better at stunts than Hollywood actors, the stuntman praised the actor's efforts and said, "There are a few Hollywood actors who are very accomplished at stunts but I have never worked with ANY who are more accomplished than Hrithik. He is simply superb at action.

"Hrithik is a superb action hero! There is little more that can be said. I used to joke with him all the time that if his day job (acting) doesn't work, he can come and work with me as a stunt man. Hrithik is an absolute dream for any action director to get to work with because he can do all the action as good as any stunt man," he added.

Previously, Hrithik revealed that he recently got a call from a Hollywood agent saying he felt that Bollywood's Bang Bang was better than Hollywood's Knight and Day, reported

Hrithik added, "He also said that when he gets a chance he would show the film to Tom Cruise."