Chinese vendor assault
CCTV footage of the assault. Beijing Times

Shocking CCTV footage shows a brutal assault on a Chinese woman by an online vendor after she left a negative review about his business.

The woman, known as Xiao Li, was picking up a package at a delivery depot in Zhengzhou, central China, when she was confronted by an irate man. Footage shows the woman being kicked and punched as she attempts to fend off her attacker, who then flees the scene.

She suffered concussion and needed hospital treatment for her injuries. Police are investigating.

It is claimed that the attacker, known only as Mr Zhang, travelled 530 miles from his hometown of Suzhou to confront the woman.

According to the victim, her attacker sent threatening and harassing messages when she left a bad review in December 23 after waiting four days for her delivery. Zhang left a further message for her while she recovered in hospital and bragged about the assault.

A poor online product review has been linked to a recent murder at a chicken restaurant in the United States. James Goolsby, the manager of Bonchon Chicken in Connecticut has been charged with the murder of co-worker Norris Jackson on 30 December 2017.

A series of negative online reviews "could have been a culminating factor" in the shooting, police said.