The European Union recently passed a law that requires all smartphones sold in Europe to have a USB type-C charging port by 2024. As a result, Apple might launch its next iPhones with USB type-C ports for charging.

iPhones traditionally come with a Lightning port. However, an Apple executive has indicated that the company will comply with the new EU law.

In other words, the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series models will have a USB type-C port. The Cupertino-based tech giant has previously explained why it has been loyal to the Lightning port for the last decade.

Now, Apple's marketing lead Greg Joswaik told Wall Street Journal in an interview that the company has no choice but to follow the EU's order.

"Obviously, we'll have to comply, we have no choice," Joswaik declared. The top executive pointed out that the EU wanted Apple to have micro USB ports on iPhones not long ago.

However, Joswaik said that if Apple had acted in accordance with the EU's instructions at the time, neither USB type-C nor a lightning port would've been invented.

Furthermore, he explains that bringing USB type-C ports to the latest iPhones will produce a lot of e-waste. Yet, Apple fans are waiting for the move with bated breath.

However, Apple will not necessarily launch iPhones with Type-C in all markets worldwide. Notably, iPhone models with a USB-C port could be region exclusive.

Joswaik remained mum on Apple's plan to launch iPhones with USB type-C in all markets. This could an indication that the company isn't planning to launch iPhone models with USB type-C ports outside Europe.

This won't be a surprising move, either. For those unaware, Apple offers eSIM-only iPhone models, specifically in the United States.

Meanwhile, Apple iPad and MacBook laptop models with USB type-C are already available in the market.

Apple iPhone and AirPods are the only products from Apple that still come with the Lightning port. The company is reportedly launching accessories with USB type-C ports in 2023.

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