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iPhone 5 Launch Rumours: Will the New iPhone Improvise Features From New iPad? Reuters

Apple finally unveiled its next-gen iPad - the new iPad - on 7 March. The new tablet features the trademark Retina Display and 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, which should enable web browsing at up to 10 times the current speeds.

However, the new tablet missed out on a few important features, including a quad-core processor, Siri, the iOS6 and an eight megapixel camera.

There is one school of thought now that believes these features could make their appearance on the new iPhone expected later in the year. The flagship smartphone is expected to debut in June/July or in the fall. This gives Apple enough time to revamp existing processor architecture and pave the way for a more powerful quad-core A6 processor.

Check out some of the more anticipated features of the new iPhone... those that did not find their way in to the iPad...

Bigger and Better Display

The new iPad sports a double-resolution (2048x1536 pixels) Retina Display at 232ppi, while the iPhone 4S flaunts a Retina Display with a resolution of 960x640 pixels at 326ppi (pixels per inch). So, expect the next-gen iPhone to port a larger 4-inch edge-to-edge screen with a HD resolution of 1280x720 pixels. Besides, a higher screen pixel density is also on the cards.


The new iPad is the first flagship product from Apple to have the 4G LTE feature. Other upcoming iDevices in the production line such as the new iPhone are also touted to include this upgrade.

A5 or A6 Chip

The new iPad boasted a powerful A5X dual-core chip and a PowerVR SGX543MP4 quad-core GPU. However, the A5X chip was specifically meant for tablets and unsuitable for smartphones.

So, expect Apple to either revert to the A5 or revamp existing processor architecture to unleash the powerful A6 quad-core processor. Besides, the GPU profile and clock speeds might be toned down for superior battery-life, which means there could be a revamp in the GPU architecture as well, based on the 28nm (nanometre) technology.

Enhanced Battery life

With 4G LTE upgrade on the horizon, Apple is likely to incorporate a bigger and better battery with low-power processor optimisations. The tech giant is likely to focus on improving battery life rather than eye-popping graphics, as 4G LTE is known to consume more battery than its 3G counterpart.

iOS 6

iOS 5.1 accompanied the grand unveiling of the new iPad and the new software update was made available for all iOS devices. In keeping with their tradition, expect Apple to launch its next major software upgrade (iOS 6) along with the launch of iPhone 5.

Enhanced Camera

Apple fans may have been disappointed with only a five megapixel camera being offered on the new iPad. The company could therefore look to make amends by offering a 13 megapixel camera, with CMOS sensor, on the new iPhone. If the rumours are true, the iPhone could bump Apple's sales records and blow away all competition.

Face Recognition

The new iPhone is likely to inherit the improved Face Recognition feature from the new iPad. This exciting feature enables the iPhone to recognize multiple faces at a time and highlight them, while shooting photos.

Siri 2

Siri was hailed as a path breaking innovation when it was launched with the iPhone 4S. The software, however, is far from perfect and needs to address certain language barrier issues, besides optimising performance. Expect Siri 2 to deliver a much improved user experience and be introduced with the launch of iOS 6.

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