The iPhone 7 Plus
Some users of the newly launched iPhone 7 are facing audio issues while on a call Getty Images

Several users of Apple's newly-launched iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are reporting audio issues with the device during calls. Users who complained about the problem on the company's official forum have said using support advice provided by Apple is not resolving the issue.

"So we just got 2 new iPhone 7 Plus' and I am noticing that the incoming call audio quality on both sounds strange. I have the Apple leather case on the phone and incoming audio sounds distant. Like it is coming from behind the phone or something. It almost sounds like the phone is on speaker phone but it isn't. Turning the volume down helps a bit but it seems off," read a post that starts a chain of complaints from users.

Soon, some users claimed that Apple had told them it was a network issue and only service providers can solve it.

"I had the same situation...took my iPhone 7 to the Genius Bar, had diagnostics tests run on it, they said nothing was wrong and that I should contact Verizon. I tried all troubleshooting recommended plus soft-resetting my phone, but most call audio still sounds muffled. I do have VoLTE enabled," said an iPhone 7 user.

However, one user said that Apple has offered a replacement for the device, while others are still in the process of getting their phones investigated. Until now the issue does not seem to be widespread and Apple has not issued any statement regarding it.

Earlier, users of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus had complained of an issue with Lightning EarPods. Unlike this problem Apple had acknowledged the problem and said it was working on a fix to resolve it.