An Irish woman has claimed to have captured footage of a poltergeist causing mayhem in her kitchen. Ashy Murphy from Cork, Ireland recorded the footage of 'paranormal activity' which shows inanimate household objects moving around her kitchen.

The video features what looks like a normal family kitchen. However, the disturbance begins as the ceiling light starts to sway violently. A bread box appears to slide forward and two broomsticks clatter tot he ground. Cupboard doors swing open, utensils crash to the ground and a red bucket suddenly slides across the room directly towards Murphy as she films the shocking scene. "We have a guest in our home," said Murphy after sharing the disturbing footage on social media,

It's apparently not the first time the worried householder has experienced such unusual and unexplained activity. "It's getting way worse I defo have to move house," said Ms Murphy.

The footage has garnered a mixed reaction, with some viewers finding it alarming and others suggesting it is fake.

"Oh hell no I'd be out in a minute," said one viewer. Another suggested it was staged writing: "You can clearly see the wire being pulled at 1.05".

Nearly four million people have watched the footage on Facebook.