The internet can be a terrible place and looks like Jessica Simpson is learning it the hard way as she is constantly trolled for the picture uploads of her children.

Most recently, the American singer shared an innocent snap of her son Ace Knute Johnson, not knowing that the photo would spark backlash for the ridiculous reasons possible.

Ace, who turns 4 on 30 June, seems to have enjoyed his "First Red Sox game" and to celebrate the occasion his mum posted a candid click of his on Instagram. Instead of admiring the adorable picture of young Ace, however, some online trolls chose to focus on his hairstyle and call out Simpson for letting him wear his locks long.

The mommy shamers criticised the mother-of-two saying that her son looks like a girl and that he will be bullied in school because of his hairstyle.

First Red Sox game #BostonBoy #ACEKNUTE

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"It's time to cut his hair mama he's gorgeous but it's just time," one critic wrote. A second shared, "WOW almost thought that was your daughter.....cut his hair already lol."

"Cut his hair,dear god,he looks like a little girl," another comment read.

"I thought that was your daughter. Sorry but he is a boy and needs a cut. What till he goes to school and he will get bullied," a fan wrote.

Amid all the concerned comments, however, the songstress' mother Tina Simpson jumped in to support her grandson and his choice of hairstyle. "My handsome grandson! He is a Sampson...don't cut that hair!#longhairdontcare#strongboy," the proud grandmother shared.

No sooner had she shared the comment, several others followed suit and slammed online bullies for mocking the little boy's innocent photograph.

"He's adorable! My grandson's hair is also looking long!! Get over it, it's only hair. Not a gun...Enjoy life folks," one user shared, while another added, "After seeing some of these ignorant comments, I don't think I could ever put my child's picture on instagram if I was a celebrity. People are horrible! Adorable child."