Joel Dommett clearly has a lot to learn about life in the jungle. Just days in the I'm A Celebrity camp and the TV presenter has already faced his fair share of challenges.

However, during the opening Walk The Plank task, when the campmates had to stand on a girder suspended 300ft high, he made the rookie mistake of revealing he is scared of heights.

Of course the good people of Britain do not miss a trick and when they needed to elect someone for a task dubbed The Great Ascent, there was only man for the job.

"I think I'm here because I'm afraid of heights," said Dommett as he prepared to face the challenge.

However, he was determined to come back with as many stars as possible for his hungry campmates. "It's not good for me. I do feel a lot of pressure but I want to do well for them," he explained.

With 10 minutes to climb a 100 foot tower, he had to set off flares to claim the stars attached, but in true I'm A Celebrity style, there were a few surprises along the way.

Facing his fears as he scaled the construction, he powered through, battling many jungle critters along the way to bag the first five stars.

However, six minutes in, nerves seemed to be getting the better of him as he found himself in the treetops. "Stop shaking like an idiot," he murmured as the crane swayed beneath him. "Come on, come on Joel. I'm absolutely fine, just don't think about it. You're absolutely fine, just don't think about it," continued the actor in a desperate bid for reassurance.

Spurring himself on, Dommett successfully completed the task, winning the whole ten stars for the group. Still shaking after his great ascent he said: "I'm so happy. It was really high. I'm so excited. I'm really happy to tell them."

The new I'm A Celebrity recruits appear to be unusually happy campers this year, with no spats, and surprising success in the trials so far.

However, the camaraderie between the campmates has left some viewers disgruntled and missing the slanging matches that dominated previous series' as hungry celebrities clashed over food and chores.

"I'm a celeb is just bad this year where's the drama at? Bring back Lady C," said one viewer on Twitter.

But the surprise arrival of two new campmates, radio presenter Danny Baker and Homes under the Hammer host Martin Roberts, threatens to shake up their happy family.