Kenny Goss, the former partner of George Michael, has revealed that the singer had not been honest about the extent of his drug use.

Speaking on This Morning to raise awareness of addictions, he said the star was secretive about drugs.

"George was one of the most honest people I've ever met, sometimes I'd say, 'Enough!' He kept nothing from me, I admire him for it," Goss explained, adding: "He probably wasn't as honest about drugs – he knew how I felt about it.

"It was no different to being a kid and hiding booze from people," he said, adding: "We both had our own issues."

The pair were in a relationship for 13 years and despite their eventual split in 2009, Goss said they remained close: "There was no big break-up, there was no anger, no hostility, and I worried about him until the day he died. We spoke maybe a month before his death.

Describing their time together, he revealed that the Faith singer remained uncomfortable with life in the spotlight throughout his career.

"There's so many memories to cherish, it makes me sad to think about it, he wrote 4 or 5 songs about me, I just enjoyed being in his life," he said.

"I don't think he liked being famous at all, it was very difficult for him, especially in his younger years. Every morning we'd spend a couple of hours talking about his thoughts on politics – he was one the of the brightest guys I knew.

"To me, he was always just George. I very quickly forgot about the fame, we just had a normal life, we lived together, I took it in my stride," he added.

Mental health awareness

Goss said that the reason he was opening up about the singer's drug use and his own addiction to alcohol was to raise awareness of mental health.

"George said he was a lucky b*****d and wanted to do what he could to give back to charity. He was a very generous guy," he explained.

"'I did this primarily for charity, so I spoke out and did interviews. We use our foundation to raise money for other charities and we've done really well to help other charities. This is Mental Health Week, but one of the things I want everyone to know is addiction is a disease: it's not a choice.'

Following the 53-year-old singer's death on Christmas Day, Goss issued a statement in which he remembered his former love.

"I'm heartbroken with the news that my dear friend and longtime love George Michael has passed," he wrote. "He was a major part of my life and I loved him very, very much. He was an extremely kind and generous man.

"The beautiful memories and music he brought to the world will always be an important part of my life and those who also loved and admired him."