Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian attends the Harper's Bazaar event during the New York Fashion Week Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is reportedly three months pregnant with her first child with Travis Scott, but has neither confirmed or denied the rumours surrounding her condition. Pregnant or not, she looked ravishing in an oversized men's blue and white striped shirt during a recent public appearance.

New reports have now surfaced that her sister Kim Kardashian, who had a tough second pregnancy, is a bit jealous of the lip kit mogul's radiant pregnancy beauty. "Kim [Kardashian] is slightly jealous of Kylie [Jenner] looking fabulous while pregnant. However, seeing Kylie pregnant also reminds Kim of how hard it is and how gross she felt daily," a source told Hollywood Life.

The mother-of-two gained a great deal of weight while carrying son Saint and even developed health issues during the time. "Kim's pregnancies were tough on her body and she often felt disgusting and horrible. Kim remembers the weight gain and feeling gross a lot of the time, but she can't help feeling a little bit jealous of seeing the growing baby in Kylie's tummy," the source added.

The 36-year-old social media queen is currently expecting her third baby through surrogacy after doctors advised her against conceiving naturally.

Citing the stark difference between both the sisters' pregnancies, the Hollywood Life source said: "There is nothing like having your baby growing in your stomach. But as soon as Kim feels envious of Kylie and her beautiful pregnancy body, Kim quickly remembers the health challenges she had while pregnant and she is glad she is not carrying this time around."

However, it has not been confirmed if she is indeed "jealous" of her sister's pregnancy. Previously, the Selfish author had slammed reports that she did not react positively to Kylie's pregnancy news.