A sex-positive homesharing community, that is what the latest Airbnb spin-off, KinkBNB, markets itself as. Founded in 2015 by Darren McKeeman and Ryan Galiotto, the website connects fun locations offered by open-minded hosts with interested guests.

A message on the website reads: "KinkBNB can go anywhere you want to go. Whether you are traveling across country or wanting a local adventure, KinkBNB can help connect you. Many sites offer to connect you to regular rooms, but KinkBNB specialises in adult playrooms, or accommodations with the open minded. And the perfect place [to] share your own fantasy!"

KinkBNB allows users to import their Airbnb profile in one click and offers foreign languages and international currency support. Confidentiality is maintained by allowing users not to use their real name until making the payment.

"Right now, people who are sex positive have to put on a veneer when they travel, because it's not something that's socially acceptable," KinkBNB founder Galiotto told Playboy. "It's kind of like when you go on vacation, you have to leave part of yourself behind. We are connecting people with others who are sex positive so you don't have to hide. You can travel with your full self.

Founders McKeeman and Galiotto got the idea for KinkBNB when a common friend had their listing taken off from a homesharing site due to one of the rooms in the listing being too "provocative". Galiotto said: "This is going to make the kink community larger and more interconnected...I'm not going to sit here and pass judgment on what attractions you have. We're just trying to set up a community that's open, safe and friendly"..