Ariel Winter is back to work on Modern Family set and took to social media to share a snap of herself. However, the image has sparked lip injection rumours as some fans have accused her of trying to imitate Kylie Jenner.

In the selfie, Winter showed off her plump lips in a seductive pout and kept her hair open. The actress, who plays Alex Dunphy on the show, captioned the Instagram post as, "Back to work."

Back to work💘

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Fans have accused the 19-year-old of getting lip injections. A comment read, "You Kylie Jennering it up? You look... different... you do something to your.. face? Something is off..."

Another noted, "Kylie Jenner wannabe. WHY? you are cute, just be yourself." A comment read, "OMG what did you do to your face?? The lip injections are the most obvious but it seems like more then that was done. "

"You're a beautiful girl, but your lips look like they've been injected," another comment read. A user has an interesting question comparing Winter's personality to Modern Family's Alex. "How are they going to tell about Alex Dunphy's transformation into Kylie?" the user asked, while another sarcastically noted, "Wrong account.... wait.... Kylie? Who's this?"

Fans seem to think that the 19-year-old looked like Kylie in the snap. "Them Kylie lips. So disappointing Looking like Kylie Jenner," a user wrote, while another advised, "Please don't turn into a Jenner. Too good for that."

"As a matter of fact, you look like you've had other work done to your face. Don't go down the Kardashian road," urged a fan of hers.

Few other fans came in support of the ABC star as a user said, "A Goddess in the making." Another called her "perfection" and commented, "Absolutely stunning perfection @arielwinter! You are divine and just perfection! Always love and support you".

Winter's show Modern Family returns to ABC on 27 September with season 9.