A lamb weighing five times more than normal at 25lbs, was born at the Nafferton Farm near Durham on 13 March. The Suffolk Cross, born to farmer Neil Fell, 33, appeared even bigger than the farmer's five-month-old son Jak.

According to Fell, the lamb might have set a world record with its giant physique and weight nearly equivalent to that of a two-year-old. Neil is in the process of submitting a form to the Guinness Book of Records after he contacted them to inquire if his lamb is eligible for a world record. "I spoke to Guinness World Records and they said they couldn't find a record of a lamb as big as Tyson as far as they know, so they've asked me to fill a form in," said Fell.

"An average lamb is between five and seven pounds so Tyson, as we've called him, is four-and-a-half to five times bigger than normal...He's the biggest lamb I've ever seen and I've been farming all my life, and he's the biggest anyone round here has seen."

Fell said Tyson's mother was fed less than the other pregnant sheep . "She was actually fed less than those carrying two, she must have just given him everything," said Fell, reported The Telegraph. Unfortunately, however, Tyson will eventually be sold to a butcher since Fell says he is not a pure breed. "If he was a pure breed we'd have kept him for tupping [breeding] but because he's a cross eventually he'll make some butcher very happy when he's sold. There's plenty of meat on him for chops."

In other news of Guinness World Records, a 20-year-old Venezuelan set the world record for the largest feet with his right foot measuring 1ft 3.79in (40.1066cm) and his left foot, 1ft 3.59in (39.5986cm). Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez had a whopping shoe-size of 59.