Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
The Wrecking Ball Singer reportedly wanted a weed inspired wedding, which did not go down well with Hemsworth and his family (In photo: Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus) Reuters

Liam Hemsworth has ended his engagement to Miley Cyrus after the actor allegedly found out that she was sexting ex-girlfriend – Victoria's Secret's model – Stella Maxwell. The on-again off-again couple first started dating after filming the movie The Last Song in June 2009.

Later in 2012, they announced their engagement, but ended the relationship in September 2013. The two started dating late last year and got engaged again in January 2016.

"Miley accidentally sent a sext that was clearly meant for [ex-girlfriend] Stella Maxwell to Liam," a source told InTouch Weekly. (via HollywoodLife) "She immediately apologized. Miley also admitted to meeting up with Stella, but she swore to Liam that it was just innocent flirting. Liam didn't believe her. They fought and he told her to take the ring off. After only a few months of being back together, it's already coming to an end."

"She [Miley Cyrus] promised to do whatever it takes to get [Liam] back," the source added. "But she's been texting Stella for a few weeks. They stay up all night sending messages, They have a really strong connection. She swore to Liam that she cut those people out of her life to be with him, but that never happened."

Earlier, this month there were reports that the 26-year-old actor had given Cyrus, an ultimatum to quit smoking marijuana or he would end their engagement. "They recently had a huge fight. Liam told Miley he wants her to quit pot. He can't believe how often she gets high. Every day Liam comes home and the entire house reeks of weed. He's so annoyed. Miley still smokes a ton of pot and it drives Liam crazy," InTouch Weekly had reported earlier.

Moreover, the 23-year-old Wrecking Ball singer reportedly wanted a weed inspired wedding, which did not go down well with Hemsworth and his family. "Miley wants her wedding to be like a Flaming Lips concert, in other words fun, crazy and colourful. She wants a psychedelic wedding that will be forever embedded in her head!" a source told Inquisitr