Sean Bradish led the Bradish Boys armed robbery gang on 100 bank heistss
Sean Bradish led the Bradish Boys armed robbery gang on 100 bank heists

The playboy bank robber who couldn't give up armed heists – even after being jailed for life for a string of them – is facing yet another life sentence for robbing no less than three banks last year.

Sean Bradish, 46, carried out the heists while he was on day release from prison for a sentence for a spate of robberies he did with his brother Vincent nearly 15 years ago.

So long is Bradish's rap sheet that he has been held responsible for robbing no less than 100 banks and building societies during his criminal career.

Even after being convicted in 2002, Bradish saw no reason to change his ways. After being released early on license last year, he carried out two more robberies and an attempted robbery.

At his recent trial at the Old Bailey, Bradish pleaded guilty to six robberies, one attempted robbery and seven counts of possession of an imitation firearm. He was told he faces a life sentence – again.

Now a review is underway at the Ministry of Justice in to how prisoners are granted day release from prison, with a view to making "changes" if necessary.

Bradish – in partnership with his brother Vincent and other accomplices - reportedly liked to live the high life.

The so-called 'Bradish Boys' spent vast amounts of cash on clothes, booze, drugs and women during wild celebrations after successful heists.

One of the men who helped put Bradish in prison the first time around painted a picture of a man with an extreme personality and few limits.

The accomplice turned super-grass against Bradish after the gang was caught when a raid on a branch of Barclay's Bank in Greenford, north London, went wrong.

The snitching bank robber was also having drug problems, fuelled by cocaine binges.

He described how the gang spent the money they stole on a champagne lifestyle.

"Most times we would do the robbery on a Friday morning early, at about 9am. Then we would book into a flash hotel and count the money, and have a glass of champagne," said the un-named man.

"After that we'd go to the nearest shop and buy a whole new outfit. Everything we had [worn during the robbery] would be thrown away so there would be no forensic evidence. We always bought designer clothes - everything had a label.

"Then it would be off to the pub for a bit of dinner. By 6pm we'd start taking the cocaine and then go out. We wouldn't be back until Monday morning, and would easily spend £3,000 on drink and drugs over the weekend. Sometimes we would do two robberies a week."

The super-grass called Bradish "one of the most violent men I have ever seen in my life".

"One time we were in a pub and a man rumoured to be a rapist came in. A few of us took him outside, gave him a few punches and kicks, and left it at that," he told The Guardian.

"Sean wasn't satisfied. He took a half-pint glass, smashed it then rammed it in the the man's face about 30 times. I had never seen so much blood. We tried to stop him but he turned on us. He'd become an absolute animal."

The "animal" is back in his cage, showing that some leopards really don't change their spots.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: "We are currently reviewing the way in which we carry out releases on temporary licence to see what lessons can be learnt and to see whether any changes are necessary.

"We need a process for people to be reintegrated into the community at the end of their sentence, but it needs to be right and it needs to be something the public has confidence in."