In unusual news from Los Angeles, a customer brought a small snake to a sushi restaurant and after management spotted the reptile and argued with him for bringing it into the premises, he returned with an even bigger snake. Hiroshi Motohashi, 46, was having a meal worth $200 (£141) at the Iroha Sushi of Tokyo restaurant in Los Angeles' Studio City area on the evening of 20 March, when the row erupted.

According to local reports, Motohashi had brought in a small snake at the restaurant and he was showing it off to nearby diners. Upon seeing the snake, he was confronted by the restaurant management and asked to leave, said Lt. Jim Gavin of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Motohashi left the restaurant after the argument, however he returned with a 13-foot-long python that he let loose inside the eatery. According to Gavin, Motohashi swore at the staff upon his return and dropped the snake before walking out.

"The suspect left the location and then he returned with a large snake, probably between 10 to 13 feet (3 to 4 metres)," said police spokesman Aareon Jefferson, reported AFP News. "He released the snake in the restaurant, the police was notified and the suspect was arrested for criminal threats, which is a felony."

The python was later captured from the Studio City restaurant by the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Los Angeles Animal Services. The snake had reportedly gotten stuck near the cash counter. There were no reported injuries.

The two snakes are now in the custody of the Animal Services. Motohashi will be required to show a permit, as well as proof of ownership before the snakes can be returned to him, said Mark Salazar of the Animal Services Department, reported Los Angeles Times. Motohashi's bail is set at $50,000 (£35,337).