Louis Tomlinson
One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson is expecting child with Briana Jungwirth. Reuters

Louis Tomlinson's mother has seen her unborn grandchild and is "getting on well" with the young woman pregnant with the One Direction star's child, according to the Daily Mail Online.

Johannah Deakin, mother-of-seven, reportedly travelled to the US with her husband Dan, after which both sets of parents attended Jungwirth's latest ob-gyn appointment in Los Angeles. It has been reported that they all were present for the ultrasound and that they all heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time.

23-year-old Jungwirth currently lives with her mother, Tammi Clark, and stepfather, Brett, in Calabasas, California.

A source allegedly told the Daily Mail Online that the Jungwirth family were toying with the idea of hiring a lawyer to handle subjects such as child support and citizenship issues due to the two parents having separate homes in both the US and the UK. But so far they have not needed to do so due to both families getting along well and Tomlinson's intentions to take up permanent residence in LA.

"They're adamant it won't get messy. Briana's parents have made it clear they aren't interested in money – they just want what's best for the baby," the insider commented.

"Johannah is bursting with pride of having her first grandchild and doesn't want to miss a single moment, which will be quite difficult given the trans-Atlantic distance between where the two families live."

Jungwirth's mother has reportedly been saying she's excited for her daughter to have a "One Direction baby."

However, despite the distance, Deakin has apparently been a "tremendous help" to Jungwirth, throughout the first stages of what is proving to be a difficult pregnancy. The pregnant stylist is said to be suffering from severe morning sickness and loss of appetite, and can only stomach drinking camomile tea made by her stepfather.

Even though they have always claimed to be just "good friends" rather than being in a relationship, Tomlinson and Jungwirth have spent a lot of time together as of late, most recently when the boy band member rented out a Beverly Hills mansion and spent several nights with Jungwirth and a few of their close friends.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the 23-year-old Little Things singer is paying for Jungwirth to hide-away in a five-star hotel following the news of her pregnancy going public. Her family are also not living at their home at the moment, it has been claimed.

"They expected an announcement to be made next week so had planned to leave town to avoid any unwanted attention. But it came as a total shock and nobody was ready," the source told the Daily Mail. "His team have made all the hotel arrangements and will pick up the bill too. They've offered to take care of the whole family.

"Louis feels bad for bringing chaos into their lives and wants to cover anything and everything for them until the dust settles."

Meanwhile, Tomlinson has been attending the shows alongside the rest of One Direction, in the continuation of the band's On The Road tour.

Only last night, the group were in Seattle, Washington, performing all of their greatest hits at the Centurylink Field. Following the concert, Tomlinson took to his Twitter to call the gig an "amazing show" and thanked everyone for their support, which sent Directioners in a questioning frenzy as to exactly what support the singer was talking about.