Madonna Jewish-Muslim men kiss
Madonna's Instagram photo #rebelheart Instagram

Obsessed with posting same-sex gender kissing pictures on Instagram and sparking controversies, Madonna has done it again.

In her latest Instagram posting, Madonna touches on the Israel-Palestine conflict by sharing a picture captioned 'rebelheart', where a Jewish and a Muslim man are about to kiss.

Some hailed the photo with a user saying: "Thank your for always supporting the LGBTQA community. Even when it could put your career on the line. Because if your influence, I have the courage to be a #rebelheart and live out and proud."

Others, however, criticised Madonna for violating religious beliefs.

One user commented: "Who is Madonna disrespecting people like that. I don't understand how she has the audacity to do something this extreme."

While another user remarked: "It's only gay people who are liking this and people who don't know how to respect religions."

Earlier Madonna came under fire for posting an artwork of her kissing Disney princess Snow White on Instagram to promote her latest album Rebel Heart.

Sharing the artwork created by Middle Eastern artist Saint Hoax with her over three million followers on International Women's Day, Madonna captioned the design, "Girl power! #rebelheart".

Girl Power! ❤️#rebelheart

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