According to some reports, Manchester City's troubled Italian forward Mario Balotelli is set to tie the knot with girlfriend Raffaella Fico.

The Italian model and reality television star said as much, although by accident, during an interview, when she was asked if her relationship with the player was in trouble.

"I don't know how some people can say certain things. We are planning on our wedding," Fico told the Daily Star. The questions surfaced after details about Balotelli's fling with Jennifer Thompson, a prostitute previously associated with Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney, and a dwarf Harry Potter actor, came to light. Apparently those details came out mere days after he proposed to Fico.

However, when asked about the date of the marriage, Fico refused to divulge details.

"The date? If you don't mind, I prefer not to reveal that," she said.

The Daily Star said the footballer apparently wooed Fico, 24, with the promise of a luxury flat in Milan but, unfortunately for him, was right beside him when he confessed his affair with Thompson; predictably, Fico had hysterics.

"Raffaella was staying with Mario when the news broke and she went ballistic when he told her what was going to be in the papers. She's a typical Italian woman, very passionate, and she has been screaming and crying at him. But at the same time she's been blaming herself for not having been in Britain by his side, because her TV career is in Italy. She's proud of not relying on Mario for money or work. The worst part about all of this, to her mind, is the fact he slept with such a woman. A one-night stand with a fan she is tough enough to deal with but a prostitute is really shocking for her and her family. Although she has tried to keep him on his toes and not be at his beck and call with her own life, Raffaella always said they were a serious couple, he would make a good father and they might get married one day. She was happy to believe his denials about other women in the past but now he's confessed, she's going to have to face up to what he's done," a source explained.

Meanwhile, Balotelli appears to be genuine about his commitment to Fico, the fling notwithstanding. They were spotted flat hunting in Italy recently. Balotelli proposed to Fico by writing "Raffaella Ti Amo" - meaning "Raffaella, I love you" on his t-shirt.

"Mario doesn't get to spend as much time as he would like with Raffaella. He is busy with his football and she has a lot of work commitments back in Italy. She tries to fly to Manchester every three weeks or so but it is difficult for both of them. Mario is hoping to go to the European Championships with Italy this summer but then thinks it will be cool to hang out in Milan for a few weeks," a source revealed.

Balotelli has had numerous relationships. Apparently he had a fling with £500-an-hour escort Holly Henderson, 33, in October. In addition, apart from Thompson, he was alleged to have had a secret affair with Thompson's friend Kloe Evans since 2010. According to the Daily Mail, Balotelli was reported to have been dating Kloe while he was in relationship with "Big Brother" 2009 winner Sophie Reade.

So when will the big day be for Balotelli and Fico?