Pop star Mariah Carey has quite a loyal fan following and despite a few mishaps – the New Year's lip sync controversy was one – she continues to wow with her vocal skills.

But a video from her recent concert has left fans divided, with many even lashing out at the songstress for her rather bizarre performance.

Dressed in a body-hugging outfit, the 47-year-old singer is seen barely moving while the backup dancers hoist her around in the video, which has since gone viral on social media.

Shared by Twitter user @Halocarterr, even the accompanying description sarcastically called out Carey's lazy dance steps. "Me doing the absolute bare minimum at work today #monday," the caption read.

In the short clip, the We Belong Together hitmaker is seen struggling through the routine mid-performance, while her uniform-clad dancers shimmy around her.

At one point, things get even funnier, when one of the hunks picks her up but Carey remains totally motionless sparking comments like "freaking dead" on Twitter.

Within moments of the awkward dance video hitting the web, there have been several retweets with fans responding with a mix of emotions. Slamming the singer, someone wrote, "Waist trainer and Botox got her stiff lol."

"She's way too chill about the performance... she could have put in some type of effort," another viewer mocked, while some furious ones demanded a refund on account of Carey's lackluster performance.

"I like to call that move, 'the strippers when nobody tipping,'" shared another Twitter user, while a third added, "My nan could move better than that and she has been dead for years!"

Amid the backlash, however, some rushed to the Hero hitmaker's defence suggesting that Carey has never claimed to be a great dancer. "Despite Mariah Carey's Vocal from Better to Better in Las Vegas, PPL are still attacking her for no reason," a fan shared.

Another agreed, "She's ridiculous but I love her."