Rhodes MIgrant boat shipwreck
At least three people died as a migrant boat ran aground in Rhodes, Greece YouTube/Rodiaki

Dramatic footage showing migrants holding on to debris floating in Mediterranean waters after their boat ran aground off the coast of the Greek island of Rhodes has emerged.

In the video, posted online by a local newspaper, about a dozen asylum seekers are seen sitting on a half-submerged, large piece of wreckage just metres from the island's rocky shore, while people try bringing them to safety.

The clip is one of several depicting the different phases of the shipwreck that killed at least three people, including a woman and a child, posted online by news website Rodiaki.

In two other short videos the overcrowded sailing boat is seen listing dangerously as it is pushed by the waves against a reef at Zephyros beach.

Those who are able to swim are seen jumping into the waters, while others seem to hold onto the vessel until it is eventually smashed into pieces.

The rundown ship had reportedly set sail from Turkey carrying more than 100 migrants. The Greek Coast Guard said they have rescued 93 people from the water. About 30 have been taken to a local hospital.

The footage, which reveals the risks that hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers face chasing their dream of a better life in Europe, emerged as EU foreign ministers were meeting in Luxembourg to discuss a coordinated response to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, after up to 950 people were feared dead in a separate incident off Libya.