Meghan Markle attended Variety's Power of Women
Meghan Markle, pictured here at Variety's Power of Women gala on Nov. 16, 2023, will "take the world by storm" in 2024, says astrologer Debbie Frank. Photo: Variety/X Variety/X

The year 2024 will see Meghan Markle make decisions that will further catapult her to the spotlight and "be someone", according to astrologer Debbie Frank.

Frank, a former confidante and close friend of Princess Diana, pointed out that the former "Suits" star is always in search of recognition and fame. She said this year is no different and predicted that the Duchess of Sussex will feel "restless."

She told Hello! magazine: "She was born with her Sun in Leo in the first house which suggests a lifetime of pushing to 'be someone' so she is always looking for the next step towards fame, fortune and expansion in her message and reach."

Frank added that Meghan Markle is "not easily satisfied even when she has accomplished a goal" and her "search for a new challenge in 2024 will catalyse her drive and determination even further".

She shared that the moment to look out for is late March and April which will see the Duchess of Sussex make "careful preparations and calculations involving a contract with a pair of eclipses, plunging her into the limelight in a way she feels will take the world by storm".

Similarly, like Prince Harry, Frank said that Meghan Markle will also think about moving her family from their Montecito home this year.

She said: "Like Harry, she is also wanting a family re-group which could involve a new home in a new area. July is important for turning things around and ticking her aspirational boxes and in the process, she is willing to take risks and make a commitment to achieve her goals."

Then later in the year, the duchess will focus on making her plans come true. Frank called October 2 as "another game changer" for the mum-of-two.

She explained: "As the action planet Mars crosses her ascendant mid-October, Meghan will be working hard on actualising her plan. However, Mars stations retrograde exactly on her Mercury in December, and circumstances beyond her control signify a delay and slow-down that lasts into the spring of 2025 when things pick up again."

Frank previously also predicted that April will be a "bombshell month" for Prince Harry. She said he will long "for another fresh start which means upping sticks again with his family and doing what the royal family least expects". She suggested a possible "move to a new home and/or a new place within or outside of the house of Windsor" with Meghan Markle and their children, Prince Archie, four, and Princess Lilibet, two.