Microsoft is rolling out a new cumulative update labelled as May cumulative update across all Windows 10 powered PCs, tablets and phones bearing OS build 10586.318. The latest release bundles a set of fixes and improvements for mobiles and PCs.

Apart from enhancements in terms of reliability, performance and stability, the May update for the phones powered with Windows 10 Mobile fixes a problem that caused unexpected battery drain even when the phone screen is off. In addition to that, it resolves errors 0x800f081f or, 0x80070570 that prevent the phone to take an update.

Upon updating your phone with version 10586.318, you should notice improvements for the reliability of USB-C connections. Also, there is Cortana enhancement including a fix for music playback that would not resume after any incoming text as well as problem with Quiet Hours not setting automatic rules.

Your phone will no longer hang or restart while browsing through certain web pages in Microsoft Edge. Also, you will no longer lose videos when answering a phone call. A similar issue has been fixed for Windows 10 PC users. Besides, you should see improvements to internet connection sharing and tethering. If you have not installed the new release yet, head over to Settings>> Update & security>> Phone update>> Check for updates.

Those owning Windows 10 PCs must install the update to experience the improvements for Cortana, Bluetooth, Shell, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Minecraft and USB.

The update fixes the memory leak that occurs when opening a PDF file multiple times. Also, it resolves the Bluetooth functionality getting affected when the PC resumes from sleep. Other notable fixes are for the revised daylight saving time and security fixes for kernel mode drivers, remote procedure calls, Microsoft Graphics Component, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Windows Shell, Windows Journal, Virtual Secure Mode and many more.