Microsoft to hold media event in New York City on 27 October Reuters

Microsoft is holding a media event in New York City later today, 26 October, where it is expected to reveal additions to its range of Surface computers.

Unlike Apple, which mistakenly leaked a new laptop two days before its own press event, Microsoft has kept a tight lid on what will be announced.

The event starts at 10am local time (3pm BST) and Microsoft's website will be providing a live video stream. The presentation is expected to last for around 90 minutes.

Rumours so far suggest there will be a new all-in-one computer. This will be an addition to the company's range of Surface tablets and will likely be seen as a rival to Apple's iMac. The touch screen is expected to be between 24in and 27in and be hinged in such a way that it can lay flat on a desk to be drawn on with a stylus.

A focus could be on the computer's ability to create 3D objects and holograms for Microsoft's HoloLens, the mixed reality headset it is currently selling to developers.

The HoloLens itself could also get a mention at the press event. Microsoft is about to start selling it in the UK for £2,719 and is keen to get it into developers' hands. Microsoft also wants to encourage other manufacturers to create their own versions of HoloLens, so this could be explored in more detail.

Microsoft is also expected to announce HomeHub, a new Windows 10 feature for controlling smart home equipment like light bulbs, door locks, curtains, speakers and more. It is rumoured that Microsoft will also launch a HomeHub product to compete with the Amazon Echo by using its own virtual assistant, called Cortana.

We are also expecting some updates to Windows 10 and a new version of Paint. There will be no updates to the rest of the Surface range, nor will Microsoft reveal the highly anticipated 'Surface Phone'.