millie mackintosh
Millie Mackintosh said Meghan Markle "ghosted" her after meeting Prince Harry. Getty

Millie Mackintosh said Meghan Markle "snubbed" her soon after she began dating Prince Harry in 2016.

The "Made in Chelsea" alum said she and the former "Suits" star became good friends after they met at a hotel opening in Istanbul around 2015. She said they "got on really well" and that they "got on like a house on fire and spent the night partying and having fun" and "just stayed in touch."

But the former actress "ghosted" the reality TV star soon after she met her prince. Mackintosh revealed during an episode on her Amazon podcast "Mumlemmas & More with Millie & Charlie" that she texted the duchess amid the media coverage of her romance with Prince Harry.

She said she only wanted to make sure her friend was alright because she knew "what it's like to have a lot of media attention. It can be really overwhelming and it can be unpleasant." So the 33-year-old messaged her, "Hey, hope you're OK. Thinking of you."

But Meghan Markle's response was allegedly abrupt and icy. "She cut me dead. I never heard from her again and I never messaged her again because I felt like she kind of told me to f–k off basically in that message. Meghan Markle ghosted me, babe," Mackintosh shared.

She added that the Duchess of Sussex responded with an "abrupt message" that was unlike any she had received from her before. Mackintosh explained, "What I read from that message was that she maybe needed a bit of space. Maybe needed to cool off, she was angry, she was maybe under a lot of pressure ... So I didn't message her again ... But I did expect that we would stay in touch."

The British influencer thinks that Meghan Markle unfriended her because she did not want to be associated with a reality TV star saying, "What could I offer her at that point? She had met her prince. I was on a reality show so ... I'm guessing she was like, 'I can't be associated with 'Made in Chelsea.' I'm going to be royal.'"

Mackintosh admitted that she also felt "a bit like s**t" when she was not invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in May 2018 especially since there were stories at that time that said she had been uninvited.

She recalled it was "quite hurtful" and "a bit embarrassing" because she had not done anything wrong but her name was "being dragged through it in quite a negative way." She remembered the last time they met was at a hotel in the Cotswolds in southern England where the duchess was staying at the time.

Mackintosh shared that Meghan Markle asked her to visit so they could hang out. She had expected to spend a day of yoga and chilling but instead, they ended up having "rosé and margaritas in the pool" and had "a really fun afternoon" and recalled her former pal was "really fun." Meghan also told her then that she was dating Prince Harry and figuring out where their relationship will go.

"I thought, 'Great that's nice for her'...I didn't really ask too much about him. Didn't really think too much about it at the time. If only I had known," she said adding that she does not know and has never met Prince Harry.

Mackintosh revealed that she had been Meghan Markle's tour guide when she visited London because she did not know anyone or know her way around the city. She took her to her favourite spots and gave her all her contacts. She said they connected because they were "both kind of into the same things" like wellness. She could definitely say that they "were not best friends" but they would sometimes hang out when she was in town. Mackintosh said she has since moved on from her friendship with the duchess and does not "wish her any bad."