Ian Brady Moors Murderer
Moors murderer Ian Brady has described as "myth" the notion of a "politically independent British judiciary" Hulton Archive/Getty Images

A man responsible for the deaths of five children, at least four of whom were sexually assaulted, has lambasted judges who ruled that UK Parliament should be given a vote on Brexit.

Ian Brady tortured and murdered juveniles with his lover Myra Hindley, in what became known as the Moors Murders near Manchester in the 1960s. He was jailed over 50 years ago but has never strayed far from Britain's national-consciousness – his health or whereabouts often making front page news.

Now he has weighed in on divisive issue of the British people's decision to leave the EU. In particular, last month's (November) High Court ruling that Theresa May's government do not have prerogative powers to trigger Article-50 and set in motion Britain's exit from the EU.

In a letter, written from a high-security psychiatric ward, Brady said: "Those three public school judges who dredged up a law from the 17th century to obstruct the people's vote for Brexit, additionally exemplify the corrupt establishment, and the myth of a politically independent judiciary."

The judiciary have been heavily attacked by some Brexit voters, and sections of the British press, who perceive the High Court judgement as an establishment stitch-up that subverts the will of the British people. A man was arrested in Swindon on 7 December on suspicion of sending racist threats to Gina Miller, the business woman who brought the legal action against the government.

The government are presently (12 December) appealing the decision at the Supreme Court. Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage had organised a march that would descend on the courthouse in protest against the intervention but this was called off amid security concerns. Miller has been arriving at court sessions surrounded by a heavy security detail.

Last year Brady denounced David Cameron's Conservatives as nothing more than "public school millionaires" and threw his support behind UKIP saying that he wanted them to "decimate" mainstream political parties.

Brady's letter, written to a Channel 5 correspondent and reported by The Sun, also revealed details of his deteriorating health. "I'm still bedridden and have been for over two years," he said. "The lung and chest condition is terminal."