Moto E IMage photo

Over the last few months, Motorola has been making a comeback in the mobile industry with its Moto G, a high value, affordable, Android smartphone that has helped it regain market share around the globe. Owing to the success of the Moto G, it looks like Motorola has a few more budget Android smartphones planned for 2014.

A new report from PhoneArena details that a handset dubbed the 'Moto E,' has surfaced in Mexico, where it will be priced at around $230 off-contract. The report also says that the device will be similar to the Moto G, but will feature a much thinner and more compact body.

It comes as no surprise that the handset is being pushed for a release in Mexico first, since Latin America happens to be one of the world's top markets for budget handsets. The Moto E is expected to make a visit to countries like India later this year.


The specifications of the Moto E look to be similar to that of the Moto G. It is expected to feature a 720p display (mostly 4.3 inches in size), a 1.2 Ghz Dual Core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 5MP Shooter, a 1900 mAh battery and 4GB of on-board memory. There's also a good chance that Motorola will offer an option on this handset to expand via microSD cards, a feature that was badly missed on the Moto G.

PhoneArena believes that the recently leaked Moto XT1021, might just be another name for the Moto E.

Moto G Sales

Several reports have gone on to detail that Motorola's Moto G sets have put the company back on the map, with some even saying that the budget handset has allowed the company to register its highest sales ever.