The Moto E3
The Moto E3 is the third model to be launched under the E series label of the company Motorola

Lenovo has launched the third edition of its entry model Moto E by Motorola with a much larger screen and better specifications. The Moto E model has been one of the most important and revenue generating models for the company which has always managed to price it below £100 ($134).

According to a report by Engadget, the device will hit the UK retail space in "early September" and cost close to £99. The smartphone will be officially available with Tesco, Argos and of course Amazon which has mostly sold the company's phones in the past.

The new Moto E design is exactly like the older Motorola models but has a larger screen size (5-inch HD) than its predecessor Moto E 2nd Gen. In terms of specs, the rear camera has got a major bump up to 8MP compared to 5MP last time. There is a flash added to the rear camera module which was missing in the Moto E 2015.

Apart from this, the RAM has not changed and still remains 1GB but the processor may have been upgraded, the details of which are not known yet. Given that the Moto E 2nd gen ran on a Snapdragon 400, this model should have a Snapdragon 620 for better performance.

The battery capacity has also been bumped up to 2,800mAh compared to 2,070mAh in the last model. The 8GB storage size has, however, remained the same. No detailed specifications have been released yet by the company, so it will be a while before the full specifications are known.

The device is likely to be available in some other European countries other than the UK along with Asian countries like China and India. Reports, however, indicate that the Moto E3 will not be available in the US as Lenovo wants to focus on the Moto G and Moto Z series for the region.