iPhone 7 mock up
The iPhone 7 is expected to lose its headphone jack, as this mock-up shows Martin Hajek

Various mock-ups and design leaks have been suggesting that Apple's iPhone 7 may not have a headphone jack. As if to lend credence to the rumours, a fresh photo leak now shows lightning connector headphones in white.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, the famed tipster, has tweeted a photo of a white coloured earphone pair that has the USB-C port connector at the end. Hemmerstoffer also wrote on his French leak site NoWhereElse why he thought it might be an authentic version of the iPhone 7 accessory and not a fake one.

Since iPhone 7 rumours started surfacing, the most notable change as per the design and specification has been the removal of the headphone jack. If this pair of headphones is in fact the actual or even mock-up version of the upcoming iPhone 7's accessory, the earlier reports will prove true.

However, the lighting connector seems to be a tad bigger than the current iPhone's USB port. It might be a zoomed in version which makes it difficult to estimate the exact size of the connector.

Apart from this, the device is expected to have an A10 processor with 2 or 3GB of RAM depending on the variant. Reports say the storage sizes are also being bumped up and there are chances of the base variant of the 16GB internal storage being completely done away with.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be launched at an Apple event in September. The company is also expected to roll out the iOS 10 final OTA version at the same event.