While the Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi can be congratulated for his role in brokering the Israel Gaza ceasefire on home turf he was triggered controversy from both sides for his decision passing a decree giving himself sweeping new powers, and sacking the country's general prosecutor, to try to appease protesters demanding the retrial of officials they say were involved in orchestrating violence against them during last year's uprising.

But this activist said she is very concerned about this latest move

"He made these decisions today so he could remove the General Prosecutor and appoint a Brotherhood prosecutor in his place, leading to the destruction of the judicial authority. Right now he has been able to destroy the judicial authority, the army, he's taken over the police force and given them a green light to do as they wish in the street. He has also given them salary raises to ensure their loyalty; and finally all that's left before him is the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar mosque.

The decree states the president's decisions cannot be revoked by any authority - including the judiciary. And critics are calling for protests in Cairo today against this autocratic move which is reminiscent of the Mubarek regime.

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