British band N-Dubz pose (Dappy left)
British band N-Dubz pose (Dappy left) Reuters

N-DUBZ singer, Dappy, was taken into custody on Saturday, for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Kaye Vassell, 21.

The 24-year old, who is also a cousin of Tulisa Contostavios - a judge on "The X-Factor", an American reality television show, was arrested after his girlfriend's mother called the police. He was kept in police custody for 24 hours and released without charge.. He was kept in custody for 24 hours and later released without any charge.

Kaye did not need any medical treatment, following the alleged assault.

"Police were called at around 9:00 am to an address in W6 to reports of a woman assaulted. Officers attended and arrested a 24-year old man on suspicion of common assault, however, no further action will be taken," said a Metropolitan Police spokesperson to The Mirror.

Dappy, whose real name is Costadinos Contostavlos, is facing relationship problems with Vassell, the mother of his two sons. So much so, that, a few days back, Vassell confessed to posting nude pictures of Dappy on the Internet.

Alleged violence swings both way in the Dappy household. Vassell dumped Dappy last year, after he confessed to several affairs behind her back. In addition, he was treated for a broken nose, a few weeks back, after Vassell reportedly assaulted him.

"He's hurt me beyond belief, so I am walking away. Dappy just isn't mature enough to have a proper relationship. He's confessed to six affairs but I get messages every day from girls who say they have slept with him," Vassell told the Daily Mail.

"If I lose this wildness I will be out of work. I will be next Ozzy Osbourne. I am going to take it to that crazy level," said Dappy, to the Mirror.