Amber Rose
Amber Rose has introduced new boyfriend 21 Savage to her son Sebastian and extended family Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

After creating quite a stir with a picture of her unshaven crotch on Instagram, American model Amber Rose has once again bared it all in the latest image. Decked in nothing but her birthday suit, this time, the 33-year-old leaves little to the imagination with her social media upload.

Considering the controversy over her last photo, Rose kept within the picture-sharing site's nudity policies by strategically designing her pose.

With her knees bent and her hands folded in front of her, the social media queen is seen covering her modesty while offering a generous flash of skin in the image.

Alongside the image, the feminism advocate appeared to be promoting her new book How To Be A Bad Bitch. "If you haven't gotten my Book #howtobeabadbitch yet go to Barnes and Noble's or get the audiobook on iBooks. I narrated it myself," she wrote in descriptions.

While fans of the reality star are no stranger to her raunchy snaps, this post, however, struck the wrong chords, especially more because of Rose's bizarre hairdo. Her platinum-blonde cropped hair seemed to camouflage with a huge halo-like blob in the background, drawing dandelion comparisons from viewers.

"Amber i love you i promise but you're giving me dandelion vibes," one Instagram user commented as another seemed to be one with the opinion. "This image is very unsettling," the viewer wrote.

"Wth is that hair", another shocked fan wrote echoing the feelings of several other. "Not a fan on the static shock hair but cool pic," someone else shared.

Amidst the hullabaloo over Rose's totally naked picture and the weird dandelion-like hairstyle, some eagle-eyed fans accused that the picture was doctored. "why tf are your boobs so long," a fan asked, while another asserted that there was "Too much photoshop."

Some unimpressed fans didn't even back down from slamming the model for garnering attention with her jaw-dropping exposure. "Dam u must be running low on cash that u still publicising this... still trying to stay relevant i guess. Ok Amber whatever works," the fan commented.

Courting controversy is nothing new for the model but looks like this time she went a little overboard with the entire look. "Amber I love you but wtf," a fan wrote reiterating the general feeling among Rose's followers.

Amber Rose
An edited version of the deleted, shocking unshaven crotch photo Amber Rose Instagram