Fergie posing for the cameras Danny Moloshok/Reuters

Fergie has left little to the imagination with her latest photo. The former Black Eyed Peas member has gone completely naked in a snap she shared on social media on Sunday (13 August).

The 42-year-old songstress definitely knows how to strike a pose as she is seen with her head slightly tilted and the right leg raised to her navel, wearing nothing but closed toe high heels with straps.


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Although she exposes plenty of skin, she manages to cover her modesty by bringing her arms in front of her breasts and shielding her crotch region by closing her raised leg.

Fergie shared mirror images of the black and white photo on Instagram with the captions "tick" and "tock".

Her fans were quick to comment on the photo, with many gushing over the blonde bombshell's stunning looks.

"There's smoking n smoking... But Fergie you're nearly on fire.... Ouccchh," a fan commented.

Another said. "I hope ur husband KNOWS how lucky he IS to have that #milfmoney ."

"Fergalicious!!" a fan said and another added, " hotness."

However, there were others who were not pleased with the display of nudity.

"As mother of a child is that only embarrassing... @fergie," a fan said.

Another just said, "Shame."

The mother-of-one has also shared another black and white photo. She is seen exposing plenty of her cleavage in a corset, which she pairs with an underwear and bomber jacket while seductively staring at the camera.

"Those two lightbulb might pop out and break there sis. ," a fan commented.

Another said, "Beautiful lady! Fierce!!!!! Hope all I hope all well with you and your family @fergie."


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