Jinyiwei bodyguard app
Jinyiwei will let users order bodyguards like hailing an Uber. iStock

An app in China is letting members of the general public live like an A-lister by allowing them to hire personal bodyguards using their smartphones, in the same way they would order an Uber carf.

The Jinyiwei app will enable users to be shadowed by heavies at the price of around 70 and 200 yuan (£8-£23) per hour and will be able to see a real-time map of their surrounding area to see who is in their vicinity to summon some instant protection, much like taxi-hailing apps.

It connects to personnel from 47 security companies and one of the developers of the app, Li Shangshang, told the China Daily most of the bodyguards are former military who have been "required to take manners and etiquette training classes and must wear a uniform at work".

According to the report all of the bodyguards will be screened and will need to present their military discharge records in order to be able to eligible to join the app.

Obviously, the main purpose of the app is not to help people look like they're keeping up with the Kardashians, but rather for instances where an individual will need protection such as carrying valuables, taking cash to the bank, or general situations where they may feel unsafe.

The creator explains that bodyguards would work in compliance with the law, with their main objective to be personal safety.

"Jinyiwei bodyguards are responsible for customers' safety. If there is a dispute or fight, they need to cooperate with police instead of escalating the fight. They are not there to provoke or fight," he said.

One market that could see a significant interest is concerned parents or partners who want to ensure their children or loved ones get home from a night out safely.

At the moment Jinyiwei is destined for Qingdao in China, where it is set to be released in September. However, it creators have said they are planning to expand the business to more cities in China and then overseas.