Numskull PSVR stand
The dilemma of where to stick your PlayStation VR when not in use is over Numskull

The problem with virtual reality headsets is that there's no good way of storing them. Sure you could just keep it on a table somewhere, but that would leave it susceptible to spillages and errant limbs. Alternatively you could chuck it in a drawer, but God forbid should you have to untangle all those wires every time you want to crack out Eve: Valkyrie.

Fortunately, Sony has foreseen this dilemma and come up with a solution: a disjointed mannequin skull you can plonk your PlayStation VR on when not in use and show it off for all to see. Now that's using your head.

The black-and-chrome stand is an officially-licensed product built by Numskull, a UK-based company that designs gaming merchandise. It costs £29.99 ($36.30) and features an adjustable pole and a Velcro cable tie that will keep all the wires looking neat and tidy when not plugged into your PS4.

Somewhat surprisingly the stand appears to have been a hit with gamers, with the company telling Upload VR that it sold out during the run-up to Christmas. It's currently being sold through Yellow Bulldog and Amazon UK, although the latter is selling it for £5 more than Numskull's RRP.

The downside is that it doesn't feature additional slots for other PS4 peripherals, for example, the DualShock 4 or Move controllers. Such stands do exist – take this similarly-priced stand from Prif, for example – but they'll be far less effective as a conversation-starter the next time an unexpected guest drops by.