New AllCast App Supports Android to Chrome Mirroring on Any Device

Google's critically acclaimed screen mirroring via the Chromecast feature can now be extended to any Android device, with due credit to the release of the AllCast app by discerning hacker and javascript programmer, Koushik Dutta.

Though screencasting or mirroring has been an integral part of Nexus 5 ever since Chromecast was introduced by Google, the new AllCast app simply extends this functionality to other Android devices by bypassing the need for WebRTC/VP8 encoder requirements.

Screencasting or mirroring basically allows users to cast over an Android display to a computer running the Chromecast Receiver extension.

Now this functionality has been modified by rewriting the Mirror to Chrome feature to use h264 decoder software (instead of WebRTC/VP8) via Broadway.js.

What This Means to Android Users

Basically, any handset that can run the AllCast app should be able to support screen mirroring. However, the handling and user experience might differ from one device to the other based on its hardware configuration and Android version installed.

Google Play is yet to roll out the new AllCast app for public use, although Koushik confirms that his modified coding in javascript will surely enable all modern phones to support screencasting or mirroring.

Interested users may take a look at the complete source code as well as download the new AllCast app for free here:

Check out Koush's interesting demo video on Android to Chrome mirroring with h264 decoder (below):