Capcom has released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming Resident Evil spin-off shooter Umbrella Corps, showing off a new map inspired by the frozen base from Resident Evil Code: Veronica. The new third-person multiplayer shooter is a significant departure from the franchise's trademark Resident Evil formula, opting for team-based action rather than survival-based horror.

"The nefarious legacy of Umbrella stretches back many decades, including the construction of a facility built in Antarctica in 1969. Flash forward to 1998, Umbrella's Antarctic base suffers a full-blown t-virus outbreak and is permanently put out of commission by the actions of Claire and Chris Redfield. Though the facility was devastated by its self-destruct system, its snowy, multi-leveled carcass makes for a terrific battleground in the heated third-person shootouts of Umbrella Corps," Capcom said in a blog post.

The new featured map offers players three levels of the fractured facility to explore, including an interwoven vent and ladder system that allows you to travel through the map unnoticed, hopefully, or drop onto enemies. Capcom says gamers can also battle other mercenaries on the same heliport where Claire battled the deadly Alexander Ashford.

The trailer showcases the Talonhawk, a close-quarters weapon that players can use to stab an enemy in the brain, the Wolfsbane pistol and a few custom weapon colors and designs made using the game's gear customisation options. Players can even paint their Wolfsbane gold to match the handgun used by the late Steve Burnside in Code: Veronica.

It also shows off the game's "Mutated Zombies", a particularly nasty enemy that appears in the Multi-Mission Mode's SP DNA Hunter rule set that are harder to defeat. In addition to dealing heavy damage and being able to take a good beating, these blood-thirsty zombies are also unaffected by the Zombie Jammer and can render it temporarily ineffective against other enemies near the player.

The publisher notes that fans should keep an eye out for brutal Brainer battles and other familiar locations from Code Veronica.

Umbrella Corps is set to launch on 21 June for PC and PlayStation and costs $30 (£21).

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