Nintendo patent on future game controller
The patented Nintendo horse-shoe shaped controller NeoGaf forums

A patent filing by Nintendo has revealed that a future gaming controller from the company may be horseshoe-shaped in design. The patent was filed on 18 September 2015 under the title "Training Implement, Training System, and Input Device".

The patent says the device has a hollow body made from an aluminium-based alloy with a load sensor. When a user applies force to bring the two grips towards each other or applies force to separate the two grips, the load is detected by the sensor. This innovation hints at the use of the controller as an exercise device due to it incorporating sensors for load, acceleration, gyro and temperature.

Nintendo's next games console – the Nintendo NX – will likely be revealed to the public this year, with analysts suggesting it could take centre stage at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles set to be held between 14-16 June.

Nintendo has patented a controller design that turns the entire front surface into a screen, leading many to speculate this could be the controller of Nintendo's next console: the mysterious NX.

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