Technology firm Nvidia has issued a widespread recall of its Shield gaming tablet due to a fire hazard stemming from the overheating of its battery. No details were provided about the circumstances from which the fire risk might arise.

The recall effects owners who purchased the tablet between the device's launch in July 2014 and today. Nvidia will be replacing the recalled units, and have set up a web page dedicated to helping customers with the process. Nividia recommends that users only use their tablet to back up files and to participate in the recall.

The page reads:

"Nvidia has announced a recall of its Shield tablets, sold between July 2014 and July 2015. Nvidia has determined the battery in these tablets can overheat and pose a fire hazard. As part of this recall, Nvidia will be replacing the tablet.

Nvidia is asking customers to submit a claim for a replacement device. Nvidia is also asking consumers to stop using the recalled tablet, except as needed to participate in the recall and back up data. Consumers will receive a replacement tablet after registering to participate in the recall.

The recall does not affect any other Nvidia products.

Nvidia is coordinating with appropriate governmental agencies to ensure that the recall follows established industry practices."

The Shield is an Android-based gaming device which was release on 29 July 2014. It hasn't made a huge impact on the gaming world but is regarded as the best Android gaming device on the market. Nvidia bill it as "the ultimate portable gaming family".

Prior to release Nvidia talked up the Shield's ability to deal with an overheating battery, claiming the extra thermal dissipation of its design was double that of a typical tablet due to the intensity of running full video games regularly.

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