Resident Evil 2 remake
A screenshot from the unofficial Resident Evil 2 remake from InvaderGames. Capcom

Developers from Capcom's Research and Development Division 1 team have taken to the official Resident Evil Facebook page to ask fans for their thoughts on the unofficial Resident Evil 2 remake currently approaching its free release. Initially it sounds like Capcom might be gauging interest in an official remake – following the success of the original horror classic's re-remake earlier this year and the upcoming release of a Resident Evil Zero remake. However it appears they're considering taking action against the unofficial rejig.

Here's their post in full.

Quite what they're hoping to get out of the feedback to this post isn't clear. Fans have been calling out for a Resi 2 remake since the original game was first remade in 2002, and now they've been beaten to the punch. Fans are clearly going to be happy that someone has remade it, and they won't particularly care that it isn't Capcom.

Capcom meanwhile would be perfectly within their rights to saunter up to InvaderGames – the Italian team behind the unofficial remake – and gently remind them that they're in possession of a legion of lawyers – but that would also greatly annoy their fans and waste the efforts of the fans who have remade the game.

You can watch the unofficial remake in action below.

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