No Man's Sky
A new screenshot of No Man's Sky released during E3 2015. Hello Games

No Man's Sky will be released in June 2016. The release month was announced during Sony's Paris Games Week press conference at the end of the brand new gameplay trailer. This announcement is an expected delay given the game was originally set for release this year.

Hello Games announced their ambitious sci-fi space exploration in December 2013 and instantly generated a huge amount of interest, much the surprise of the small Guildford-based team working on it.

A deal with Sony to make the game a PS4 exclusive followed, though the game will also be released on PC. Earlier this week it was speculated that No Man's Sky might get a surprise release this evening - but no such luck.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below.

The game procedurally generates each planet, its ecosystem and its fauna and flora, creating a shared universe which is essentially infinite for players to explore. Anything discovered by the player will be credited to them, and seen by any other player who happens across it. That said, the chances of players encountering one another is slim.

Gameplay will be derived from this exploration, and also the mining of minerals from each planet, which can be sold to improve the player's multi-tool and ship. An improved ship will help players advance towards the centre of the universe - but really No Man's Sky is being envisioned as a game that allows players to do what they want. If they want to a space pirate, that's possible too.

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