No Man's Sky
Gorgeous No Man's Sky artwork that will serve as the game's box art. Hello Games

No Man's Sky will be released on PS4 and PC on 24 June in the UK, 22 June across the rest of Europe and 21 June in North America, Hello Games has confirmed. Pre-orders for the tiny British developer's ambitious, procedurally generated space exploration game have also now gone live.

On the PlayStation Blog it was revealed that a physical version of the full-priced game will be hitting shop shelves in June as well. A new trailer to announce the news was also released and No Man's Sky's box art was revealed.

A Limited Edition with a steelbook case, art book, comic, PS4 theme and some in-game resources was also announced on the blog. A vinyl release for the game's soundtrack by 65Daysofstatic was announced separately by I Am 8 Bit.

No Man's Sky was announced in December 2013, and instantly garnered a lot of attention due to a stunning debut trailer. At that point it was only the product of a small, Guildford-based team but within the next year Sony had stepped in to bring the game to PS4.

The game is set in a shared universe consisting of approximately 18.5 quintillion procedurally-generated planets to be discovered and shared by players. Players will mine materials from planets they happen across and sell that on to improve their ship, weapons and tools. The ultimate objective of the game is to reach the centre of the universe and discover its secrets.

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