Highly-anticipated sci-fi exploration PS4 and PC game No Man's Sky has reportedly been delayed once again, and will now be released sometime in July or August. This comes from a Kotaku source at US retailer GameStop who provided new marketing materials that ask that the release date be covered up.

The report includes a picture of the marketing notice, which reads: "The release date for No Man's Sky has changed since the provided posters were printed. Please use a coming soon pop-on to cover up the date and communicate as needed to your guest about the change of release."

Neither Sony nor developer Hello Games responded to Kotaku's request for comment.

The game's release date was announced in March, after months of little new information and an initial delay from a planned 2015 release. The game was first revealed in December 2013, back when it was the ambitious work of a small team.

It still is, but the initial reveal drew such praise that it quickly became one of the most anticipated releases in the industry, with Sony lending their marketing support in exchange for console exclusivity on PS4.

No Man's Sky is set in an enormous, shared, procedurally-generated universe in which players explore and discover locations, fauna and flora – naming their discoveries as they move toward the mysteries at the centre of the universe. There are around 18 quintillion planets (18,446,744,073,709,551,616 to be precise) in the game's universe, making it basically-infinite and making encountering other players extremely unlikely.

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