Norwegian cat woman hisses at dogs and claims she has a superior sense of vision and sight just like cats. Getty Images

A 20-year-old woman has declared that she is a cat and believes she is trapped in the wrong body. The Norwegian woman, identified as Nano realised this when she was 16, and has since been living her life as a cat.

Nano has adopted several feline mannerisms, including hissing at dogs and purring on windows when she feels the need to go out. She also claims to have a superior sense of vision and sight that allows her to hunt down mice at night.

"I realised I was a cat when I was 16 when doctors and psychologists found out what was 'the thing' with me. ... there was a genetic defect," said Nano. Nano also shares a fear of water, like most cats do, and meows to express her feelings. "Water is like you get the instinct to wash yourself ... in the face and stuff," said Nano.

My psychologist told me I can grow out of it but I doubt it. I think I will be a cat all my life.
- Nano

In a YouTube video that has been viewed over 300,000 times, Nano can be seen walking at a train station in Oslo and when asked by a reporter: "What can you hear and see that I can't?" Nano replies: "Suitcases rolling on the ground, keys clinking in pockets. People with ice crampons under their shoes."

Nano is next heard hissing and says she spotted a dog nearby. "Sometimes I hiss when meeting dogs on the street. It's because of their behavior and my instinct automatically reacts by hissing ... I'm born like this. Born in the wrong species," said Nano.

Nano who often crawls on the floor using her feet and hands, much like a cat, says she also likes to sleep in the sink and windowsill. She believes she has an advantage over people since she can hear a lot better and see much more than regular people.

Nano also opens up about her best friend, identified as Svein who like her believes he has a cat persona. Svein says they often communicate in feline language. "It is exhausting but you get used to live with cat acts and cat instincts. My psychologist told me I can grow out of it but I doubt it. I think I will be a cat all my life," says Nano.