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Facebook may use Oculus Rift user data for advertising purposes in future CC

Oculus has responded to privacy concerns around the collection of data from its virtual reality Rift headset, saying that while it doesn't share information with parent company Facebook at present, it's not off the cards.

On 4 April, we reported on aspects of the Oculus Rift's Terms of Service that detailed how the company automatically collects data from headset users, including the content they access, head positioning and their location. The terms require that users agree to allow Oculus to share this data within its "family of related companies, such as Facebook."

In an email to IBTimes UK, Oculus explained that while it isn't currently sharing data gathered from users' headsets with Facebook, it is something the company is considering for further down the line.

A spokesperson said: "Facebook owns Oculus and helps run some Oculus services, such as elements of our infrastructure, but we're not sharing information with Facebook at this time. We don't have advertising yet and Facebook is not using Oculus data for advertising – though these are things we may consider in the future."

Oculus added that the data it gathered from the Oculus Rift would ultimately be used to improve customer experience and ensure everything kept ticking along smoothly. "We want to create the absolute best VR experience for people, and to do that, we need to understand how our products are being used and we're thinking about privacy every step of the way," Oculus said.

"For example, one thing we may do is use information to improve our services and to make sure everything is working properly - such as checking device stability and addressing technical issues to improve the overall experience."

We've included the full response from Oculus below. Does it quell your worries? Let us know @IBTimesUKTech