OnePlus X Camera patch for low-light recording
OnePlus X camera patch for low-light recording OnePlus

OnePlus's mid-range smartphone OnePlus X has received a lot of appreciation for its premium build and design. However, a lot of users have been facing frequent problems with the performance of the phone ranging from battery drain issues to blurred camera images.

Although permanent solutions can only be addressed by official updates rolled out by the company, IBTimes UK gives you some workarounds that can help resolve common problems.

Menu not showing up

Some users have reported that after pressing the menu button on the home screen, the icon for the apps list does not appear, or it takes to the recent apps list or even if the menu opens the phone is automatically directed to the home screen.

To fix this, enable the Google search bar on the home screen and see if the issue has been resolved. If not, try holding the power button and turning off/on airplane mode 4-5 times. In case the problem persists, go to Settings>Apps>Launcher>Wipecache.

Vibration during phone call

If your OnePlus X continues to vibrate during phone calls even if you don't get any notification, a permanent fix would require a software update. However, as a workaround, disabling double tap to wake feature in Gesture Settings has resolved the problem for many users.

Camera Issue

The main concern for many OnePlus X users is the camera. Most users reported they are unable to focus on any object using the OnePlus X camera and some even reported having problems with their flash.

OnePlus rolled out an update (Oxygen 2.2.0) recently to fix this issue in particular. However, those who still face the problem of focus on the phone can download a third party app called VSCO which helps to sharpen the images.

If you are not getting the flash option while taking a picture you must have enabled the HDR feature. The flashlight is not available in HDR, Clear Image and Beauty option. So, disable any of those features and you should be able to get the flash working again. If you still don't get the flash, then use the Google Camera App.

In case you are dealing with low-light images despite your flash being on you can try a camera patch released by the developers at XDA. Follow the steps given below to install the patch:

  • Downloads you will (for front camera) and (for rear camera)
  • Download the zip files and copy them to the storage of the phone
  • Disconnect the phone if it is connected to the PC and boot into recovery mode
  • Select Install the browse to the location where you have saved the files and select them to continue with the installation
  • Finally a reboot is required to apply the fixes
  • After applying the patch, you should be able to record 1080p video even in low-light

MicroSD Card problem

Some users have reported that their OnePlus X is not recognising the MicroSD card they insert. The problem here can either be resolved by a software update or replacing the handset in case the memory card is not problematic. In those cases where you have doubt about the memory card you can reformat your MicroSD card to NTFS format by following these steps:

  • Insert the MicroSD card into an SD card reader or MicroSD card adapter/reader
  • Connect the Card reader to your USB port or the card reader port if available
  • Once your SD card is detected by the computer go to My Computer and right-click on the MicroSD card
  • Select "Format" and then from the "File System" click on the drop-down menu and select "NTFS"
  • Click on Start to commence the formatting process
  • Once completed eject the MicroSD card and insert the card back into your OnePlus X

Battery Draining

Relatively high battery consumption after each update is a problem that has plagued all of OnePlus models. For the OnePlus X as well users who completed the 2.1.2 OS update reported the battery to be draining really fast.

Although tipsters may claim to fix the issue, there is no real workaround here except for rolling back to the previous version of the OS until OnePlus resolves the issue with an update. Other than this, you can alter your charging patterns to help the battery drain stop. Make sure to keep the charge ideally between 15-95%. Do not put the phone on charge overnight.

App Permissions

Some devices don't seem to remember the app permissions set for certain apps such as Spotify and WhatsApp even after they have been opted for in the app settings. To resolve the issue, go to the settings for the app in question and clear its cache. Restart your OnePlus and the problem should be resolved. To make this much easier, get a third party cache clearing app like Clean Master that will automatically clear the junk for you.

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