Actor and Unicef Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom visited the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan to highlight the plight of Syrian refugees.

Za'atari is one of the largest refugee camps in the world erected in a desert with families living in tents under extreme weather conditions.

"Just over these hills here is Syria so we're on the border with Jordan and Syria and it's very apparent that nothing is changing. There are more and more refugee families who have been torn apart, taken away from their homes, their environments and everything that is familiar to them," said Bloom.

Bloom, best known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean film franchises, paid a visit to children at a Unicef-supported school and spoke about the importance of education.

"They have dreams and aspirations just like any other child. But of course their chances of them actually coming out of school or even completing their education and going into anything like a real job is a far-fetched idea," said Bloom.