Oscar Pistorius should be locked up in jail until he is sentenced for killing Reeva Steenkamp, prosecutor Gerrie Nel said.

The Paralympian, who has been found guilty of culpable homicide over the killing of his girlfriend, may kill himself or go on the run as a result, said Nel.

Speaking after Pistorius was also found guilty of one gun charge, Nel said the fact the runner had sold his homes and was also involved in a nightclub row, meant he should not be granted bail.

"I'm a making an inference that the accused has no reason to stay in South Africa," said Nel.

He pointed to a report by an expert and also a statement by the fallen star's family about his self-harming behaviour to suggest Pistorius might escape justice by killing himself.

Pistorius' lawyer, Barry Roux, called for the 27-year-old to be released to live with his uncle in a Pretoria home, like he did all through the trial.

Arguing for bail to be denied, Nel said: "This is a serious case. The accused was convicted of grossly negligently killing a woman. He knows for the fact that imprisonment is probable.

"The accused disposed of his property and that is something that has changed from what the court took into account in granting bail [previously]. The accused does not have a house – he lives with relatives.

"While out on bail, the accused was involved in an incident at a nightclub. It caused him to be asked to leave.

"I look at the fact he's sold the properties and am making an inference that he has no reason to stay in South Africa."

Roux claimed the fact Pistorius sold his three homes for millions of rand to pay his legal fees showed he had "respect for the legal system" and would not show contempt for it by fleeing before being sentenced for culpable homicide and one firearms conviction.