Nintendo has announced a brand new Paper Mario RPG for Wii U during its latest Nintendo Direct online broadcast. Paper Mario Colour Splash is currently in development ahead of a planned release later in 2016.

Gameplay appears to evolve the formula set up in 3DS title Paper Mario: Sticker Star, with stickers forming the basis of the game's turn-based combat. The story sees Paper Mario visiting Prism Island, a world being drained of its colour, sending Mario on and adventure to bring colour back to the isle.

Mario is able to splash paint over the game world with his paint hammer, which can influence gameplay and revitalise characters - a group of Toads in the clip shown - as well as help him in battle.

You can watch the game's reveal below...

Paper Mario: Sticker Star was released in 2012 on 3DS, but Paper Mario's last appearance came last year in a crossover with the Mario & Luigi series in Paper Jam. Neither game lived up to some of the series' celebrated predecessors.

Nintendo last brought the series to console with Super Paper Mario for the Wii in 2007, but it was 2004's Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door that is considered the real classic of the series to date.

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