A manhunt is underway as the 'wife' of the Kosher supermarket hostage killer, remains at large.

26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene, France's most wanted woman, has been described as 'armed and dangerous.'

Her husband, Amedy Coulibaly, was killed during a stand-off with police at a kosher grocery store, where he held up to forty people hostage. Four hostages were also killed in the siege.

Coulibaly was believed to be part of an Al-Qaeda terror cell linked to a British-based jihadi extremist, Djamel Beghal. Coulibaly was mentored by the key al Qaeda leader who recruited terrorists while worshipping at London's Finsbury Park mosque.

Boumeddiene, a former cashier, was radicalised after meeting the man she would later marry. She waited four years for Coulibaly to come out of prison following his conviction for armed robbery. The couple were then wed in a religious ceremony, but did not have a legally recognised civil ceremony.

Police were aware of Coulibaly's track record and had earlier interviewed his girlfriend as part of their investigations into the terror suspect.

Speaking during a police cross-examination she said: "When I saw the massacre of the innocents in Palestine, in Iraq, in Chetchna, in Afghanistan or anywhere the Americans sent their bombers, all that...well, who are the terrorists?"

She added that when Americans killed innocents, it was the right of men to defend their women and children.

Neighbours described the pair as quiet, respectful and normal and recalled the couple had once gone on a holiday to Malaysia together. Local residents reported that the pair had disappeared from their suburban house a month ago.

Police are still searching for Boumeddiene, who is suspected of killing a female police officer during an attack in Paris yesterday.